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Common Pet Toxins

Many common household foods, medications, plants, and chemicals are toxic to pets. We explain these four categories of common household pet toxins, and how to keep your pet safe. Remember—if you ever think your pet may have been exposed to a poison, call Animal Care and Emergency Services, as well as the Animal Poison Control [...]

Why is my Dog Vomiting?

Vomiting is common in dogs, but do you understand why they vomit, and when the problem is serious? If your dog vomits only once, is not acting sick, is eating well, and has no chronic health problems, you may have no cause for concern. Vomiting more than once, however, while eating less and acting sick, [...]

Danger, Danger! 10 Signs Your Pet Needs Emergency Care

If your pet is ill or injured, you know it’s time to head in for veterinary care. But what about those on-the-fence issues? Your pet may get better overnight, or they may take a turn for the worse. When in doubt about whether your pet needs to be seen by our Animal Care and Emergency [...]

The Bitter Truth about Chocolate Toxicity and Pets

Many people covet the comfort that chocolate treats bring during times of celebration or sorrow. In fact, certain chocolates, especially the dark variety, may have health benefits for people, such as antioxidants. While chocolate candies, treats, and drinks are available year-round, they are especially present during the holidays, and they are often a popular gift [...]

Physical Rehabilitation for Pets

Physical rehabilitation can help restore function, mobility, and quality of life for pets affected by arthritis, and those recovering from injury or surgery. Our team at Animal Care and Emergency Services (ACES) wants to provide information about physical rehabilitation for pets, so you can determine if your pet can benefit from these techniques. Physical rehabilitation [...]

FAQ’s About Veterinary Critical Care

If your pet is facing a life-threatening situation, a board-certified specialist in veterinary emergency and critical care can provide life-saving interventions and therapy. Our team at Animal Care and Emergency Services (ACES) has two critical care specialists on staff to offer their expertise, and we would like to answer some frequently asked questions about veterinary [...]

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